Exalted: Sons of the son

To Date


After falling five miles out of the sky, chased most of the way down by a pack of avian beastmen, our heroes found themselves in the deep East: scarcely a clue of where they were, when they were, or how they had gotten five miles in the air in the first place. Their wandering eventually them to Greatfather Oak, a powerful Wood elemental who was glad to meet our heroes again (though none of them had met him before themselves), and who told them of the hunting horns of Lady Nightshade, a ruler of the Fair Folk. Sallying forth to deal with this obstacle, the partial Solar circle learned that a ritual challenge was issued to many communities in the far East: ten or more champions would meet combatants chosen by the Wyldlings, and those who failed surrendered themselves to the Fair Folk as captives. On the 17th Day of Ascending Wood, the first days of Spring, the Circle met the challengers and won freedom for the township of Venascuto.

After further rebuffing a barbarian tribe who sought to take advantage of a supposedly-weakened city, the circle then chose to receive an itinerate Immaculate monk named Shinwho visited Venascuto as a part of his regular route. Revealing themselves to him, they compelled him and themselves to hunt the Fair Folk together, and set off from the city towards the next site of the challenge: the city of D’Mora.

Onroute, our heroes discovered and thwarted the plans of two deathknights in the service of the Walker-In-Darkness to unearth and make use of their own Behemoth war engine. Justine Kine was slain by their recruited ally deathknight, Seven Burning Towers, who intended to bear the prize motivating component of that war engine away to his master…



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