Shin Tsulo, Immaculate Monk

An itinerant Earth-aspected Immaculate Monk.


In life, Shin Tsulo was a die-hard adherent of the Immaculate Order who kept a wandering route, tending to the aches, pains, and spiritual needs of a swath of the East along the Rock River. He encountered our heroes in the town of Venascuto, and travelled with them off and on while they made preparations to visit Eni’Mora and fight off a second wave of ritual challenges from Lady Nightshade.

Tsulo was a gruff, disinterested soul who never fully trusted the partial circle, though he at least came to understand that they hated the Fair Folk as much as he did—and trusted them to kill them that much. However, when he discovered ‘divine corruption’ within the city of Eni’Mora, his devotion to duty as an Immaculate demanded that he destroy it at the root. When he announced to Azhim and Shines Through Shadows that he intended to bring the Order to the city and purge those tainted by Mora Fekuro’s illicit influence, the Solars chose to put an end to his life rather than allow potentially thousands of people to die.

Shin Tsulo, Immaculate Monk

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