Nine Burning Towers

A deathknight in service of Mask of Winters.


Seven Burning Towers was encountered in the Ani’Mora catacombs, where after a violent first encounter with the circle, managed to explain himself as hunting a nemissary (skillful corpse-riding ghost) that the circle happened to also be interested in tracking. As Seven Burning Towers possessed a way to track this ghost, he and the circle swore an oath together, promising nonaggression to track and dispatch or contain this servant, and the lot of them set out in pursuit.

He fought quietly alongside the circle while they battled their way into an ancient First Age facility built on top of a dead behemoth, and while the circle was fighting off two defending deathknights, he successfully captured the nemissary, extracting it from the terrible plan that his rivals had for it. Justin Kine fought with him to determine the fate of where the nemissary would go, and Seven Burning Towers defeated Kine in one-on-one combat.

When next our heroes encountered him, he was the attendant bodyguard of Fifty-Seven Willing Suicides and helped to facilitate the detente treaty between Thorns and the city-state of Chorasta. Once the alliance was secure, Eight Burning Towers then informed them that the deathlord Walker In Darkness was building an army likely to march on Chorasta itself, and disappeared with his partner.

The last of Nine Burning Towers’ appearances occurred after Ash was captured by agents of the Walker. He helped lead the way towards the deathlord’s stronghold, conjuring a bound hekhontaire, and used it as a mount to traverse the distance. His reaction to Ash’s escape and survival was… profound, and subtle, and ultimately one that might lead to ideas of independence of his own.

Nine Burning Towers

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